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A process server is a professional who delivers court documents. They are not the same as a courier service. Process servers are regulated by state law and have been given the authority to serve legal documents on behalf of clients. They often work for lawyers, companies, and individuals who want them to perform specific assignments.

Authorized process servers in Citrus Heights, CA, have many duties and responsibilities. They must be able to locate their client’s target and deliver legal documents on time. They also need to know how to behave when the target becomes aggressive or violent. If you need help serving legal papers in the area, we can connect you with local professionals who can handle this task quickly and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These professionals called process servers deliver legal documents to persons involved in litigation, such as summons, complaints, subpoenas, and writs. Process servers in Citrus Heights must be familiar with state laws and procedures for serving court orders and legal documents. The primary purpose of having someone served is to inform him about the case or lawsuit filed so he can respond accordingly.

Yes. Process serving in Citrus Heights is an important service that helps people resolve legal disputes quickly and efficiently. Without process servers, people would have to find ways of serving defendants with court papers. Process servers also make it easier for people who need to serve lawsuits on defendants in other cities.

Our process servers in Citrus Heights, CA, can serve your papers within 24 hours in most cases. We can often arrange for an immediate pickup if you need the documents served immediately. We understand that sometimes you need the process server to get the job done as quickly as possible. We will do everything to serve your papers promptly. Our process servers are available during all hours of the day and night in most cases. If it is after-hours, you can still reach us by phone with any questions or concerns that may arise during this stressful time of your life.

A skip tracer is a person that locates individuals who have left their current residence and moved without notifying anyone of their whereabouts. Skip tracing in Citrus Heights is usually performed for legal purposes. The first step in the skip tracing process is to gather all public records that may contain information about the subject. This includes property records, utility bills, and social media profiles. If you are looking for someone outside the United States, we will need to gather additional information from other countries. Once all possible information sources have been exhausted, it is time to contact people who might know where your subject currently resides or works. A good skip tracer should know how to reach family members, friends, and co-workers.

If we serve papers to someone who refuses to accept them, we can try a substitute service. This means the process server will leave copies of the documents with someone else who lives at the same address. Substitute service is allowed in most states, but there are some requirements. We have to show that it is difficult to deliver the papers directly to the person being served in Citrus Heights. For example, substitute service could be an option if that individual is on vacation or hiding.

An Affidavit of Service is a sworn statement signed by the process server that delivers the legal documents to the opposing party in a lawsuit. The purpose of an Affidavit of Service is to prove that the other side received notice of the legal case. This helps ensure that both sides have equal access to justice and protects them against an unfair hearing.