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Our company provides a wide range of services within Sacramento, including process serving, skip tracing, mobile notary, and paralegal assistance.

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We ensure that every client receives personalized attention and work diligently to resolve assignments in a timely manner.

Process Serving

Deliver legal documents to a defendant in a civil or criminal case.

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Discover the location of individuals with unknown whereabouts.

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Legally certify actions or documents at a convenient place.  

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A trained agent will guide you during the whole process.

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Process serving is a specialized field within the legal industry that requires training, experience, and competence. We are a company with years of practice that can handle any type of assignment, including serving papers to CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service or other registered agents in the area.

Our process servers in Sacramento go through extensive training on how to serve court documents properly and effectively. They are also required to pass a background check before working on any projects for our clients.

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Every client gets notified once an assignment is completed. We also send the original Proof of Service through postal mail and a copy via email.




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Our registered agents understand the important duty to serve process correctly and within the time limits set by state laws. They are able to locate targets quickly and serve them court papers in a professional manner.

We offer competitive prices, accurate work and have connections with a paralegal in Sacramento. Our team believes that good communication is the key to providing exceptional results. We are always available to answer questions about our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A process server is a licensed professional who delivers legal documents to private individuals by following rigorous protocols set within state laws. They typically notify official court orders and help enforce legal verdicts by serving writs, subpoenas, complaints, summonses, evictions, restraining orders, forcible detainer actions, garnishments, orders of protection, injunctions prohibiting harassment, petitions for supplemental proceedings, and child support orders. Contact us and we will go to 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive Suite 150N if necessary. Our process servers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The short answer is yes. Individuals are not allowed to serve their own court papers. In Sacramento, all legal documents must be served by someone with authority. Process servers are professionals whom the State has licensed. This ensures that all registered agents have the proper training to serve process without compromising anyone’s safety or privacy rights.

In Sacramento, the fees for process servers can vary dramatically depending on multiple factors. Generally, these charges encompass the service of process, mileage, and additional attempts when necessary. A typical range one might encounter hovers between $60 and $150, although costs can escalate when additional complexities are at play. It is prudent to inquire about a process server’s fee structure beforehand, as some may offer a flat rate, whereas others might prefer itemized billing.

Skip tracing is a form of investigation that involves finding individuals who are missing or hiding from the public. To locate these subjects, we gather information from various sources, including public records, government records, credit reports, social media posts, and interviews with family members or friends in Sacramento, CA.

It all depends on the whereabouts of the individual that needs to be served. If the location of that person is known, then we can complete any assignment within five days. If you choose our same-day service, our agents in Sacramento will do it within 24 hours. However, if the location of the individual is unknown, then we will need more time to skip trace.

Process servers in California display a tenacious resolve when it comes to ensuring that legal documents reach their intended recipients. Though there is not a legally mandated minimum number of attempts, it is commonplace for our Sacramento process servers to make three earnest endeavors at serving the papers. Of course, this figure can be influenced by factors such as the service package selected, the subject’s availability, and any peculiarities in the case. If service proves to be particularly challenging, the process server may opt for alternative methods, such as substitute service or service by publication, but only if permitted by the court.

Process servers adhere to strict guidelines governing the hours in which they can operate. Typically, service of process is permissible between the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 pm. This window of time enables process servers to catch individuals at home either before or after their daily commitments. However, exceptions may exist for particular types of cases, so it is essential to consult with a knowledgeable legal professional for tailored advice. Always remember that the process server’s primary goal is to effectuate service in a manner that adheres to the law.

In Sacramento, a person can refuse to be served with court papers. In that particular scenario, our registered agents must leave the legal documents with someone over 18 years old who lives with the party refusing to be served. If no one over 18 years old lives there, we must place the court papers on the door or mail slot. By doing this, the court will consider that the individual has been adequately served and informed of the legal situation.

An Affidavit of Service, also called a Proof of Service, is a written statement signed by the agent who serves the court papers. It indicates that the documents were delivered to the person or business that needed to be served in Sacramento, CA. It also shows when, where, and how the serving process was conducted. Use our court filing service and submit the Affidavit of Service to demonstrate that the opposing party was legally notified.